The Vault

Each year, participants tell us they get inspiration from seeing what was available for the previous year’s Sunshine Week.

To make it easier for archived materials to be found, we’ve created the Sunshine Week Vault.

Please note that the op-eds, cartoons, news stories and other materials here are only for your review. They cannot be used without the permission of their creators, as we were only granted usage rights for the Sunshine Week in which they were originally offered.

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Special Reports:


  • Sunshine Week Extension: As part of continuing examination of threats to First Amendment freedoms, the Associated Press, the American Society of News Editors and the Associated Press Media Editors produced a package of stories focused on government attempts to promote secrecy or hinder access to information. The complete story budget and links are posted here.
  • Sunshine Week Reporting Package: The Associated Press, Associated Press Media Editors, Gannett, McClatchy, The Dallas Morning News and the Minneapolis Star Tribune produced a package of stories, photos, a video, columns, an editorial and cartoons that were available free to all participants. The complete story budget and links are posted here.



  • Sunshine Week 2015 Special Report: In 2015, The Associated Press, American Society of News Editors, McClatchy and Gannett produced a series of articles, commentary and infographics to mark the 10th anniversary of Sunshine Week.