SW State Resources 2014

Sunshine Week is happy to post state-specific resources provided by press associations and others. Please send materials for consideration to: sunshineweek@asne.org.


bearden-60x80“Celebrate the Sunshine!” by Kathi Bearden, Board President, New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, and Former Publisher, the Hobbs-News: Our country’s history has proven on more than one occasion that secrecy always makes problems worse and erodes public confidence in government. Secrecy is the hallmark of a totalitarian society, not a democracy. Secrecy serves only special interests and not the citizens.


sw14-schwartz-60x80“Time to ask PA candidates where they stand on open government,” by Susan Schwartz, Legislative Committee Chair, Pennsylvania Freedom of Information Coalition; Project Sunshine Chair, Society of Professional Journalists; and Reporter, the Press Enterprise, Columbia County: Too many politicians think they can get away with chipping away the public’s ability to keep an eye on government because they don’t believe regular citizens care. This is the time to show them that what your government does matters to you. Election season is one time you can be sure they’ll be listening.

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