SW Cartoons 2016

Each year, editorial cartoonists from across the country donate their work for use at no cost to participants during Sunshine Week. Cartoons that may be published March 13-19, 2016 will be posted here as they are submitted. During Sunshine Week you can click on the thumbnails for larger images.

Please respect the copyright and generosity of these talented cartoonists by not republishing their work at any time other than during Sunshine Week without the explicit permission of the artist. Thank you.

Jake Fuller / Opinion in a Pinch

sw16-toon-fuller-color-200x162 sw16-toon-fuller-bw-200x162
sw16-toon-fuller-2-200x162 sw16-toon-fuller-3-200x169

Ed Hall / HallToons


Adam Zyglis / The Buffalo News

Chip Bok / Creators Syndicate

sw16-toon-bok1-c-200x151 sw16-toon-bok1-bw-200x151
sw16-toon-bok2-c-200x151 sw16-toon-bok2-bw-200x151
sw16-toon-bok3-c-200x151 sw16-toon-bok3-bw-200x151
sw16-toon-bok4-c-200x151 sw16-toon-bok4-bw-200x151
sw16-toon-bok5-c-200x151 sw16-toon-bok5-bw-200x151
sw16-toon-bok6-c-200x151 sw16-toon-bok6-bw-200x151

Barry Hunau / EditorialCartoonsbyBarry.com


Don Landgren / Worcester Telegram & Gazette

sw16-toon-landgren1-c-200x145 sw16-toon-landgren1-bw-200x145
sw14-cartoon-landgren1c-200x145 sw14-cartoon-landgren1bw-200x145
sw14-cartoon-landgren2c-200x160 sw14-cartoon-landgren2bw-200x160
sw14-cartoon-landgren3c-200x152 sw14-cartoon-landgren3bw-200x152
sw14-cartoon-landgren4c-200x152 sw14-cartoon-landgren4bw-200x152
sw14-cartoon-landgren5c-200x153 sw14-cartoon-landgren5bw-200x153
sw14-cartoon-landgren6c-200x152 sw16-toon-landgren3-bw-200x152
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