SW Cartoons 2015

Below are editorial cartoons and art that were used at no cost to participants only during Sunshine Week 2015, March 15-21. We are indebted to the talented artists who donate their work for the cause of open government during Sunshine Week, and ask that you respect their copyright by not republishing the work at any other time without the explicit permission of the artist. Thank you.

Ed Hall


Matt Wuerker

sw15-wuerker-color-300x250 sw15-wuerker-bw-300x250

Nick Anderson

sw15-anderson1-300x226 sw15-anderson2-300x226

Kevin Siers


Joel Pett

sw15-pett-300x206 sw15-pett2-300x231

SW Parra

sw15-parra-color-300x197 Anytime minutes

Glenn McCoy

sw15-mccoy2-300x226 sw15-mccoy1-300x239

Jack Ohman

sw15-ohman-color-300x211 sw15-ohman-bw-300x211
sw15-ohman2-color-300x209 sw15-ohman2-bw-300-209

Jeff Parker

sw15-parker-color-300x235 sw15-parker-bw-300x235

Don Landgren

sw15-landgren-color-300x217 sw15-landgren-bw-300x217

Bryan Fontenot


Cartoons from the Union of Concerned Scientists

Each year, the Union of Concerned Scientists’ Center for Science and Democracy publishes a calendar of editorial cartoons on the topic of scientific integrity. They are sharing some of that work, posted below, for use during Sunshine Week. Please credit both UCS and the artist.

Steve Pauls


Matthew Shultz


Jesse Springer

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