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Bright Ideas for 2009

Below are some examples from Sunshine Week 2009. Where they are still live, links are included. Sunshine on Government U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued a Sunshine Week memo directing all executive branch departments and agencies to administer Freedom of

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Bright Ideas for 2008

From tropical islands to snowy peaks, Sunshine spread across land March 16-22 as newspapers, broadcasters, online media, schools, libraries, public officials, civic groups and individuals celebrated open government with Sunshine Week 2008. The theme, The Sunshine Campaign, was picked up

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Bright Ideas 2007

After Sunshine Week 2006, some of the different treatments of open government issues were featured in the book “Bright Ideas for 2007.” The book is no longer available in print, but PDF files of each chapter are accessible through the

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“Bright Ideas” for Sunshine Week

Since the first national Sunshine Week in 2005, participants have come up with increasingly innovative ways to discuss, educate and generally raise awareness about the importance of open government and how to use it. Several, though not nearly all, of

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Bright Ideas 2006

After the first national Sunshine Week in March 2005, a handful of the many creative ways participants engaged in open government were collected in the first “Bright Ideas” book to archive these achievements and to inspire future work. Though print

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